GRUP MANILA,  un holding familiar
d´empreses a CALAFELL
C/ Montserrat, 11 - 43820 Calafell - SPAIN - Tel/Fax: +34 977693471 - L´Estany Park, S.L. - Manila BG S.L.U.
L’Estany Park, S.L was constituted as a Public Limited Company (S.A.) in July 21st, 1986 by virtue of deed authorized by the Notary of Calafell Mr. Lluis Jou Mirabent, registered in the Business Register of Tarragona in Volume 419, Book 333/3a of the section of companies, page 44, sheet 6.349, inscription 1st.

In December 1st, 2006 and in deed authorized by the Notary of Calafell Mrs. Maria del Carmen Ruiz de Adana Jurado the company was transformed to Limited Company (S.L.).

The company is located in the town of Calafell (Tarragona) and focuses its activities mainly on the promotion and construction of buildings, as well as property renting for primary and secondary residence purposes.

L’Estany Park, S.L. participates also in other Companies with purpose of management and administration of representative values of equity capital of non resident entities in spanish territory, through the corresponding organisation of natural and personal means such like Manila BG S.L.U and Catalonia S.L.